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"A single inefficiency may not be sufficient... When multiple inefficiencies happen to coincide,... they may provide an opportunity to trade with a statistically expected profit.."...."In our business, it is as important to know what does not work as what does..."

Interview with David Shaw of the D.E. Shaw Group - "Stock Market Wizards" by Jack Schwager

Hi. I am Gabriel, founder of EdgeAnalytix. As a student of the markets for over 20 years, from the options pits in New York to an off-floor trader, my biggest challenge was discovering "ticker-based options edges"-- replicable patterns on stocks and ETF's matched with optimal option strategies. Most real-time scanners today are limited to options data such as term structure and skew, missing out on good trades from technical analysis setups until now...

What was once the realm of hedge funds with their proprietary bespoke systems, validating and real-time scanning for "ticker-based option edges" is now possible at EdgeAnalytix.

Whether you are an R.I.A., a self-directed, buy-side or prop trader, I am confident that EdgeAnalytix's options mentorship, research and intraday text (SMS) alert services will be invaluable in taking your trading to a higher level.

EdgeAnalytix Services:

  • Options Mentorship

    We offer 1-on-1 mentoring sessions thru Skype,etc. We will design a customized curriculum that matches your needs and experience. Current clients, please click this yellow link to reserve more hours.

    A typical session, scheduled 3-6 times monthly, starts with a review of previous materials + homework, followed by deep dives into greeks, spreads, backtests, and scans. Competency in options can be acquired in as little as 5-10 mentorship hours as trader supplements it with books and internet articles.

    What this mentorship is ...

    • a way for new traders to acquire skills at a reasonable cost. Learning options does not have to be expensive - books, internet articles, proper backtesting, solid mentorship and real trading IN SMALL LOTS initially paired with meticulous record-keeping establishes a good foundation while preserving trading capital by keeping training costs low.
    • a way for experienced traders to expand their business and learn about the inherent advantages of options.
    • a way for R.I.A.'s and other asset allocators to edge out their peers by being able to generate alpha using options which have superior risk/reward profiles than buy and hold.
  • Topics include...

    • risk modelling (greeks-vega,vomma, delta,charm,etc) using ThinkorSwim's trading platform.
    • profit locking or loss mitigation strategies.
    • spread payoffs, synthetics and position dissection.
    • hidden risks /"gotchas" in strategies such as credit spreads.
    • spread "comparos" (ex. Calendar spread payout on low vs elevated implied vols.
    • backtests (ex. volatility band breakout with call backspreads).
    • atypical strategies- dispersion, gamma trading,pairs, etc.

    What this mentorship is NOT ...a get rich quick scheme

    • good option trading involves finding a market edge to accurately model magnitude, direction, duration of the underlying and evaluation of its option's term structure to implement the edge. Unlike most services on the internet which only offer one facet of options - premium selling ( which if done under low volatilities, is dangerous), good option trading involves "holistic expertise"- distilling multiple elements into a trade. It is easy to trade options but it takes a lot of knowledge, discipline and practice to be a good options trader.

Separately Managed Accounts (Spring 2018)

Intra-day Scanning Service to Email/SMS Text

We convert some backtests into EdgeScans- a list of tickers pushed to your email / SMS text 2-4 times during NYSE market hours. Receive actionable trade ideas for butterflies, verticals, calendars and pair trades intraday! EdgeScans are priced individually on a 30 day subscription basis. If you want your ideas backtested and/or scanned, with the results pushed to your phone/email intra-day, please contact Gabriel@edgeAnalytix.net.


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Backtesting reports have many limitations and may not mirror actual trading results. Inaccurate data, biases, coding errors can result in discrepancies between simulations and actual trading. Market halts, bid/ask spreads or unforseen market events can create a big difference between real trading and backtesting.

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