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Research paradigm: using unconventional approaches to identify edges in equity | equity pair trades.

"A single inefficiency may not be sufficient... When multiple inefficiencies happen to coincide,... they may provide an opportunity to trade with a statistically expected profit.."...."In our business, it is as important to know what does not work as what does..."

Interview with David Shaw of the D.E. Shaw Group - "Stock Market Wizards" by Jack Schwager

EdgeAnalytix's research extends or creates custom indicators derived from native data as well as indicators from external sources (eg. another instrument or a virtual indicator). Examples of this paradigm listed below. Visit the "Research Repository " page for more info.

  1. Buy IBM if it crosses a 50 day moving average while shorting a market index (SPY) as a hedge (momentum trade while isolating beta).
  2. Buy TLT whenever it touches a 2 standard deviation volatility band with a 6 month hold time.( fade trade)
  3. Buy TLT when SPY is down 2 Standard Deviations. (possible sector rotation or money flow trade).
  4. Buy 1 ETF only if another ETF reaches a certain level (sector rotation play)
  5. Buy a foreign currency ETF if another foreign currency ETF breaks support or resistance (Fx pair play)
  6. Buy a stock if it touches a lower Bollinger band + yesterday's volume > 5 day moving average volume AND an index also had a big volume day. (trend reversal play)
  7. Buy / Sell XRT (a retail ETF) if a customized index of Walmart+Target+Amazon crosses above/below a certain level.(momentum play using a virtual index as a leading indicator.)
  8. Buy an option straddle ( Long 1 call and 1 Put) on Tuesday at 3pm and sell it next day since research indicates bigger than normal gap every Wednesday.(gap play by Jeff Augen)
  9. Buy a stock after an "A up", with a $2 profit/stop target (Mark Fisher's ACD Method)

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