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Research paradigm: "the edge is in the probability distribution"

Jack Schwager: How were you able to make consistent gains trading options?

John Bender:To make money in options, you don't need to know what the price of a stock is going to be; all you need to know is the probability distribution. If the Almighty came to me and said,"I won't tell you where IBM is going to be 1 month from now, but you've been a pretty good boy, so I will give you the probability distribution", I could do the math....

John Bender of Soros Fund Management & Quantum Fund from "Market Wizards" by Jack Schwager.

Unlike most broker supplied scanners that focus on option data such as volume and term structure, our research for causation | correlation can be sourced from ticker data and disparate sources. This unconventional approach of mining for actionable trade ideas starts with modelling out the probability distribution curve of the stock and ends with searching for the right option trade(s) specifically tuned to harness that expectation.

Now, traders can use our research to discover explosive chart setups for long gamma trades, or to find soon-to-be dormant markets fit for premium selling strategies. Visit the "Research Repository " page for more info.