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Frequently Asked Questions

How does mentorship work?

You would reserve a mentorship session with Gabriel. Email Gabriel for more info. We would design a customized plan to match your options experience and risk profile and would meet through Skype,etc.

I have a trading idea, can EdgeAnalytix backtest it?

Please contact for customized backtesting and scanning information.

Who will be my mentor?

Gabriel will be leading the 1-on-1 sessions. For paying subscribers of mentorship, trading blotters/clearing house statements can be provided. Past performance, however, does not guarantee future success in trading. Please read DISCLAIMER SECTION.

Highlights (& lowlights ) of mentor's trader journey include

- turning a $50,000 grubstake into ~$455,000.

-24% return trading options part time from hundreds of 2 lot spreads vs. a few "homeruns"- a true measure of edge.

- traded millions of shares of stock, hundreds of thousands of options contracts,written hundred of thousands of lines of code backtesting hundreds of strategies.

- lost $8000 in 1 day, giving up 1 months profit in a Home Depot/ Lowes Pair Trade :-(

-lost hundreds in seconds submitting stale data API orders!