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Data science + Market Experience + (Un)structured Data = Financial Analytics beyond "usual and customary"

"A hazy view of what's to come outperforms complete darkness by a landslide"

- Eric Siegel: Predictive Analytics: The power to predict who will click, buy,lie or die

Hi. I am Gabriel. As a student of the markets for over 20 years, from the options trading floor in New York to a screen-based trader, I founded EdgeAnalytix to provide unconventional research in the financial market space. What was once the realm of hedge funds with their proprietary bespoke systems, advances in data mining and visualization in the competitive arena of predictive analytics is now more readily available. Whether you are an R.I.A., a self-directed, buy-side or prop trader, I am confident that the research published here will be invaluable in taking your trading to a higher level.

Visit EdgeAnalytix's Report Repository page to...

  1. Arm yourself with ready-to-deploy strategies as market conditions transition from one state to the next.
  2. Preserve capital by avoiding trades that do not fit your risk/reward profile.
  3. Optimize capital usage by adopting strategies that match you or your client's investment timeframe.
  4. Fail fast and cheap in a virtual environment! Evaluate strategies BEFORE risking real money by checking out research that subject "safe" strategies to black swan stress tests. Eg- systematic put selling during the 2008 crises.


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20+ years in data analytics in the financial and healthcare field

7+ years as an options market maker-New York Board of Trade

B.A. Computer Science: Rutgers University, NJ

M.S. Computer Science: Lewis University: IL (April, 2019)

Prev. Licenses: Series 7 and 63


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Backtesting reports have many limitations and may not mirror actual trading results. Inaccurate data, biases, coding errors can result in discrepancies between simulations and actual trading. Market halts, bid/ask spreads or unforseen market events can create a big difference between real trading and backtesting.

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